A couple weeks ago it was raining here in Oklahoma City. I did my usual morning routine of an oatmeal breakfast cooked by man, a feeding for the baby, a long sleepy cuddle, and then the uncoordinated choreography that is getting out of the house to take Fox to daycare (without forgetting anything essential) and heading off to work (while trying to get my head in the game). I was feeling proud of myself for making it to work a good 25 minutes before a Skype meeting with a client when I managed to face plant into a muddy puddle in the parking lot at my office.

You see, I was stepping over a low slung chain that separates the parking lot from the building and my boot barely caught. As I was going down the world started moving in slow motion and I thought “Surely, not. No… wait… yes. This is happening.” So there I was laying in the mud, next to a commercial-sized dumpster, and I considered just not getting up. Ever. But I did, of course. I got up, went home, contemplated crying (but didn’t), changed, and still made it back to the office in time for my meeting.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I accidentally fell off the face of the earth for a minute. And by “the earth” I mean this blog. I took a bit of time offline to regroup. I worked and I worked out. I took long walks. I meditated. I coached. I read. I cooked and ate dinner with friends. I unconditionally loved a tired and teary baby with my whole heart. I swam in the ocean and got kissed by the sun. I said yes more than I said no. I ate a powdered donut on national donut day (and didn’t even Instagram it). I did a little bit of thinking but mostly I did a whole lot of living.

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve last posted and in that time I toyed with the idea of just not coming back. But when it comes down to it I believe in the power of blogging. My blog is like my magic wand for shaping not only who I am but who I want to be – I love that. But with blogging there is also a responsibility to vulnerability – a commitment to living out loud – and that’s not always easy. But here I am.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

When I’m coaching creatives who want to get in the swing of blogging I always tell them to just start where they are. I tell them that the first post doesn’t have to be totally spectacular. In fact, it really doesn’t matter. The important part is just hitting publish… because that first post is just the beginning. So here I am starting where I am – even if that is fresh out of a puddle of mud. It’s only been two weeks but this post here feels like a new beginning. More on that later… because right now the most important thing is hitting publish.

  1. Wow, Kathleen. This is beautiful. It’s important to note that you didn’t apologize for being away. I cringe when bloggers apologize for living their lives and not sharing every moment. Keeping following your heart and jumping puddles.

  2. I would miss you tremendously if you stopped blogging ! so I’m thrilled that you’ve decided to begin again. I find myself thinking this nearly every morning, early, as I drink my coffee in bed. Everyday’s a new day & a chance to start fresh.

  3. I’m so happy that you decided to come back because I just recently found you, and I am doing the same thing in my life, trying to start where I am. I think those days you were “away” are still progress days…maybe even the most valuable kind!

  4. Cass Berryman

    I would absolutely miss my dose of &Kathleen! I found you through pacingthepanicroom and now he is gone as well! 🙁 I love that you are starting fresh and excited to see where you take your little piece of the interenet!

  5. Laura

    I’m so glad you came back. I would also totally understand if you couldn’t or chose not to. I’m so glad you came back.

    We’re the same age and reading about you doing your thing inspires me to do mine.

    Thank you.

  6. Let me just tell you: You are amazing, Kathleen.
    You always find the right words. And i think blogging fits you very well.
    Glad you keep sharing your story. Love to read from you.

  7. I’m sorry you fell, but so glad you got up again–in every way. Looking forward to hearing what you’re up to! xo

  8. Mickie

    Well, I loved this post and of course I would miss you (I missed you for a couple of weeks) but would totally understand! In fact, I feel like everything is moving in fast motion for me headed for a regroup and goodness knows I could use one! As you said, just start from where you are and see where it takes you.

  9. Laura

    Happy to see you back! I love that you took your own advice– starting right where you are is the very best place. I needed the reminder.

  10. Have noticed your absence Kathleen but it’s a time of continuing change for you so it’s very understandable. Keep living your life and doing what you can.
    This was part of my language class this morning –
    “Our greatest success is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.” Confucius
    Fitting, no?!
    Keep well. X

  11. Dom

    You mentioned being overwhelmed in your last post and I was glad to see you took a step back to enjoy your life and live some pretty special moments with your fam as opposed to documenting them with us. That being said, I too checked everyday to see if you had a new post (totally guilty). I understand exactly where you are coming from though. I’ve been finding myself spending so much time documenting life that I sometimes get enthralled with writing down every single detail and forget to live in the moment. More and more, I’ve been putting down my camera and not jotting down every single detail in order to live in as many special moments with my little one as possible. Good for you for stepping back for a little bit; a little you time is always good 🙂

  12. Ramona

    Wow, Kathleen. Thank you for continuously being there, being open, being yourself and trusting that your words will fall on fruitful ground. Yet again your words insprie and encourage! Thank you.

  13. Naomi

    I’ve been in the same place and part of it is wondering (again) where I fit, why I’m writing, who it’s for, etc. … working through the “just write” concept this week, so this is timely. Yay for powdered donuts.

  14. I get that. Although my blog is itty bitty with a tiny following, I appreciate the accountability and the opportunity it gives to flesh out my inner dialogues and thoughts. I also cycle through wanting to leave it behind because experiencing life offline is so much more… Fulfilling? (That doesn’t entirely capture what I’m trying to say but comes close enough.) I appreciate that you’re back, and look forward to whatever else you have to share for however long you choose to share it.

  15. Good for you! And a big yes to everything you’ve said here.

  16. Emily

    Yay! so glad you are back. I missed you. I was counting on you, and I knew you would be back. You are so inspiring

  17. I totally get why you’d not want to come back (never-ending treadmill, anyone?!), but I’m really glad you did. I’d really miss these bit-size morsels of inspiration, motivation and peeks into the wonderful, fulfilling life you lead.

    Hope you keep on doing what you’re doing — and continue to find it rewarding!

    Maria xx

  18. Heather

    I just found your blog thanks to Kim @ Yellow Brick Home. So excuse the fact that I’m commenting a few weeks after you posted this. I love this post. It’s funny and relatable, beautiful and true. Blogging is an interesting beast and I think stepping away now and again is just part of it.

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