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I haven’t looked forward to a vacation this much in a long time. Every year my family takes a week long vacation in Seaside, Florida. The whole scene is very manicured – especially compared to the kinds of adventures Jeremy and I have been on over the past few years… but we love it. Mostly we love all being together. It’s especially cool that my brother flies down from NYC every year to spend the week with us too.

This year we stumbled upon a recreation area complete with sand volleyball, a small basketball court, shuffleboard, and a croquet set. It felt very Dirty Dancing but we had so much fun. In the mornings Jeremy would wake up early with the baby and make me breakfast while I slept in. We would swim in our salt water pool, ride bikes into town to shop or grab goodies from Modica Market (the best little grocery store and deli ever), and challenge each other to shuffleboard tournaments. Mid-day we would take naps or get cozy with our library books. In the evenings we all pitched in to cook big family dinners and I would make everyone piña coladas or margaritas (my secret talent is that I’m really good at making drinks). I lived in my bikini and barely thought about work. We didn’t even make it out to the beach until three days in – and when we did we boogie boarded with my nephew until the sun got a little too hot on our pasty white skin.

I’ll admit that vacationing with a baby isn’t the most relaxing thing in the whole world. I had a lot of help though – one day I snuck off with Jeremy to pretend like we were Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey while my sister napped with Fox. And my mom, who was born to be a grandma, was always more than willing to take him off our hands. As we were leaving my sister mentioned that this is the only time we’ll ever go on vacation with Fox this age – which was exactly the reminder I needed to remain present to the moment and really be grateful for all the adventures Fox is getting to take at such a young age. I hope this is setting him up for a life of world travel and new experiences.

So what’s next? We’re going to be staying close to home for a while as we make a big move into a new home. That’s right. We’re moving out of our 1920s bungalow and into a 1950s split-level mid-century modern ranch. Stay tuned.

  1. Carrie

    Sounds like such a lovely, perfect family getaway. 🙂 Congratulations on the mid-century ranch house! I can’t wait to see it. I wish I had appreciated OKC a bit more before I left. I’m realizing I didn’t do nearly enough exploring there.

  2. I LOVE that last photo of you and Fox! Beautiful. So glad you’re doing well. xo

  3. Crystal

    Love! Congrats on the new house! Can’t wait to see what you guys do with it. Exciting, but I’m sure it must be a little bittersweet since Fox was born there!

    Also, my little family goes on vacation with my in-laws every spring to Captiva Island, Florida – it’s true that vacations with kids are a totally different animal. But I think traveling with others (especially loving Grandparents!) does make it a tad bit easier. AND I adore how Fox sleeps with his arms wrapped but legs out! Quil was the opposite. Legs in, arms out!

  4. Jen

    Gotta say I’m digging the Dirty Dancing references. I just watched that for the 95th time a few weeks ago while up very late with my newborn.

    Also, I appreciate you mentioning that the vacation wasn’t as relaxing with a baby. As I was reading about what you guys did I was thinking, “wow, sounds really relaxing, I wonder if Fox just rolled with it?” Because at this point my six week old certainly would not let me roll with a beach vacation. Way to go for savoring it!

  5. Oh wow! Moving house! Big changes, indeed; although I feel like I remember you mentioning it earlier or on instagram. Either way, that seems a bit like full-circle, or the end of an era, or something along those lines because I remember you had started J&K to document the reno’s to your 1920s home.

  6. Jen

    I still remember the dance finale from Dirty Dancing (I used to practice it with my then 8year old sister in the living room) so your vacation sounds kinda idyllic to me. Vacationing with family is awesome. Fox will love it even more when he’s older and can spend hours on the beach with his cousin.

    Congrats on the new house – though I will miss this old one 😉

  7. Glenda

    Sounds like a little perfect family vacation making memories w/ Mr. Fox 🙂

    Congrats on the new home and can’t wait to see pics!

    Can’t wait to see your new “do” (I follow you on IG) 😉

  8. That photo of Fox and your brother is perfect! It’s great to see your son hanging out and having fun with his family!

    Congratulations on the new home, and best of luck with the move!

  9. Your post is making me even more excited for the upcoming week in Florida (5 days but who is counting…??? ME!). We’re going with my guy’s family to the place he grew up going to each year. And next year we will have our little one (who will be about Fox’s age!) in tow, too!

    Love the pics & congrats on the new house!

  10. Jackie

    I am so very interested in learning how to swaddle like this! Any chance of a pictorial??

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