Style Crush: Gwen Stefani


When I was 9 months pregnant all I could think about was my postpartum wardrobe and how much I was going to rock it. Seven months and some change later I’m not really rocking it. I’m lucky to get out of my workout clothes most days. But the thing is … for the first time in my life I’m at a loss at where to begin. So I thought I’d start looking to my style icons for clues on what to wear. Starting with Gwen Stefani. I love her because she’s not only stylish but she’s a mama too – a nursing mom at that!

I know I love Gwen Stefani’s style but when I Googled “Gwen Stefani” what showed up was Stefani rocking impeccable makeup and 6-pack abs on stage wearing a belly shirt. I’m working on it, but I’m not quite there yet. So I Googled “Gwen Stefani Candid” and here’s what I came up with.


Style Notes:
• Drop-crotch / harem denim or plaid pants
• Boyfriend jeans (got ’em) but always paired with heels or boots
• Plaid tops (fitted)
• Overalls
• Cute bras
• Leopard print skinny belt
• Minimal jewelry
• Camo skinny jeans or jacket
• Colorful accessories (like cyan sunglasses)
• A big functional (but stylish) bag
• Red lips (I’m lazy about this … so maybe at the very least polished nails)

I think I’m going to start with the drop-crotch denim and a new pair of shoes. I just invested in these halter peep-toe Sven Clogs – they’re not quite as fabulous as something Gwen would wear but I think they’re a good start to at least getting some height back in my game. If anyone has a good source for great harem pants holler at me!

  1. lucinda

    oh yeah, i could totally see you rocking a similar style. so cool and she does it effortlessly – a true style icon. go for it!

  2. Naurnie

    You’re going to be appalled when I tell you this, because I sound like a middle-aged woman. But my mother gifted me a pair of Eileen Fisher harem pants when I was just a few days postpartum with SG and they’re INCREDIBLE. I wear them with sandals, heels, you name it. I even wore them with wedges and a blazer last week. Ignore the styling here, but the pants are incredible.


    • I’m kind of all about the middle-aged lady brands. They’re always the most comfy! I think I might get them.

  3. jaclyn

    Have you asked your husband what he thinks of Gwen’s style? Not that I think we should dress for other people and one’s personal style should really be whatever makes US feel happy. It’s just that over the years I’ve come to realize that my husband LOATHES certain fashion decisions I’ve made due to being influenced by my girl crushes, i.e., harem pants.
    I thought they were cute while comfy and I thought I looked pretty good in them until the first time my husband saw me in them and he immediately put his foot down and was like, “No. You just can’t. They are terrible! Where did you get those??”
    The kicker is that he rarely even says a peep about my wardrobe. But the harem pants just sent him over the edge I guess!

    • I am fairly certain that few to no men like drop-crotch pants on women, but so what as long as you aren’t out speed-dating. There is an entire (hilarious) blog devoted to this sort of fashion called Man Repeller, I believe.

      Personally, I really love the juxtaposition of slouchy bf jeans with really feminine heels.

      • Ha! This made me laugh. I love Man Repeller.

    • Oh, that sucks.
      Personally, I love when my husband compliments my clothes (very ocasional). But I couldn’t care less when he dislikes it (very rare). As long as I like it, I feel like a rock star! 🙂

      • You know, Jeremy doesn’t compliment my clothes often either. Sometimes I’ll get an “ow, ow!” with a slap on the ass, but I think we’ve been married long enough that we take most things for granted. In a good way! (Not that I wouldn’t love more compliments).

    • Ha! I get it… of course I want to be attractive to my husband but I’m not too terribly concerned with his approval. I know he’ll support any look as long as it makes me feel like a badass.

    • Ah, I love those! Thanks for the link!

  4. alicia

    Gwen Stefani and Frida Kahlo were pretty much my teenage heros, awesome inspiration 🙂

  5. Nicole

    It doesn’t matter what you wear or which labels (girlfiend, wife, mother, Vivienne Westwood) you rock, its about your style and being. You had a pretty awesome sense of style pre-baby, why the re-invention?

    Just because you can hashtag #mom as your label these days doesn’t mean to say anything else has to change. Admittedly breast feeding friendly tops that look awesome are hard to come by but why change the rest when there was nothing wrong with it?

    These looks are pretty cool if you need some inspiration…

    • Funny enough – those are some of the only outfit items that have lasted!

      What’s never changed about me is that I’m ALWAYS re-inventing myself. That’s actually the only thing I can promise anyone who gets close. Here I’m just sharing the process of re-invention out loud with you. Usually only my nearest and dearest are privy to such a conversation – but it’s always a conversation I’m having. 🙂

      I trust change. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

      P.S. To give myself a little credit … It’s not like I was all “Hey guys! I need help finding some mom jeans!” (Unless harem pants that make boys want to throw up are the new mom jean.)

      • Nicole

        Thats because you literally work your ass off and so don’t need mom jeans. Credit to you.

        I’m having a similar thing myself at the moment. Part due to having lost weight and none of my old stuff fitting. Mostly because none of it really fits who I have become. I’m more like teen me than ever now (I had an ill fated twenties being overweight and understyled) and I can buy stuff that I know doesn’t have to have reinforced knees (you might want to factor that in to your buying with the phase you are at with Fox – you go through knees a lot between 6 and 18 months!).

        I’m a big fan of both Kylie and Madonna for their powers of re-invention, it’s all about the personal brand!

        Have fun becoming the you that is now. x

        as a side note, your workout routine is a massive part of who you are, maybe you need to invest in that and edge it up with the heels/jacket/accessories (the example outfit not just the jacket) isn’t the best example of what I mean but you get the kinda idea (with heels for a start). On you it’d have a different context with the hair anyway.

        • I keep coming around to teen-me too! Thus, the Gwen Stefani style crush! And I love the idea of bringing more style into my workout gear too.

  6. Nicole

    p.s Gwen looks great because what she’s wearing is part of her soul and being. With an extra 15 to 20 years under her belt and I’m not sure how many kids she’s wearing (in the bottom left particularly) something that her No Doubt self would have rocked all those years ago. She’s still herself, she’s not channeling someone else.

    • Hmmm… I love the idea that we get sexier as we age (because we become more ourselves).

      But … I’d be willing to bet that Gwen, and most artists, are usually channeling someone or something to help inspire their craft, their look, and their performances. But I get what you’re saying and hope that you don’t think that I’m trying to be anything but myself even though I’m drawing inspiration from other badass ladies. I’m just using them as models to piece together aspects that I admire so I can be more of what I want to be.

      • Nicole

        Drawing inspiration. Taking aspects and pulling them together to create a unified something… We are designers, it’s what we do (except these days you’re more likely to talk to someone about how and why than actually do it – in a life coachy kinda way rather than not getting on and doing kinda way).

        Doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks either. I’m realising that in life you are accountable to yourself and no one else. That having said, I find myself in a constant push pull of wanting to look attractive to others (myself mostly but I find myself getting style conscious and competitive on the school run) to not caring what anyone thinks of how I look and wishing we could all just walk round naked with no trying to say who we are via clothing. I have a love / hate with personal branding via style and clothing at the minute.

        I look forward to seeing your personal brand and style evolve as you grow and settle in to the parenting and phase of life that you are at now. x

  7. I’m all in favor of getting inspired by awesome people -be in behavior, style, thouhgts. I see channeling as a way of feeling a vibe that, actually, already matched ours. I would never channel Beyoncé, for example.
    I have always been a fan o Gwen since the “Don’ Speak” times. Her post-partum rocking body inspired me to workout harder. Her clothing style was always similar to my own, so why not go to her when wanting some fresh ideas? 🙂
    I also love her line L.A.M.B. for a more sophisticated look -but it is a bit out of my league. =D

    • I totally agree, Kelly! Except that I’m all about channeling some Beyonce! Ha.

  8. ellie

    lululemon almost always has cute harem pants [we have two in our lines plan at at moment!] and the bonus is that they are super stretchy and breathable, which is great for mama’s on the go.


    • I’ll have to check it out! I actually have a pair of lulu Harem pants but they’re wearing out a bit.


    I am a huge fan of Desigual harem pants. I bought some years ago in Spain and wore them out. As soon as I went to Europe this summer I was on a mission to buy more, not even thinking that I could go to their website and order. Anyways, I have every pair they sell: ETNIC / MARY / VENCIA, and I get compliments on them every single time I wear them. And yes, my husband hates them too.

    They also have super bright/cute shoes and accessories. Love this store.

    • Haha! Why can’t men be more open minded to the drop crotch!? Thanks for the link!

  10. Lisa

    I’m a web developer for the good ol’ (ehh….sarcasm?) U0, & spend hours a day looking through the website for work. So I second that as an option for finding drop crotch pants. They’re the only place I can think of that I’ve seen them, but probably just because I stare at the website 8 hours a day.

    • I’m trying to stay away from fast fashion but … it’s so tempting!

    • I forgot about Free People! Thanks for the link.

  11. Judy

    Of all the things you said, you MUST rock the red lipstick! Seriously, your skin tone is so gorgeous you rock the red lipstick so effortlessly. I know this because of the pictures you have posted with red lipstick. It may feel like a chore now, but man, little makes you feel more powerful than a good red lip. I actually just bought a drugstore red/berry lipstick I love. Very wearable on a daily basis because it’s more sheer. It’s Maybelline color whisper in berry ready. Gwen usually wears more orangey reds, but anything would look fierce!

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