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This summer we moved out of our old home – the one Fox was born in, the one Braid was built in, and the one Jeremy and I were married in. I thought I would be a little more nostalgic as we moved out – I had this idea that I might walk through our empty home and shed a single tear in each room as I recounted all the life we had lived in that space. But just hours in and I was already settling in to our new home – a midcentury modern split level with a mint green kitchen – as Jeremy handed off the keys to our old home to our new tenants.

Moving homes this summer didn’t make any sense – financially or otherwise. We were still sorting out up from down after bringing a tiny person into our lives. But when this house became an opportunity – even through my postpartum haze – I had a vision and this home was the backdrop. A vision of becoming the mom I want to be – of creating new traditions and rituals that would bond our little family together like Gorilla glue. A vision of finally coming home. And now here we are.

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A big thanks to Greer for capturing us, just as we were on any given rainy Saturday morning.

  1. lucinda

    that is such a great feeling: to be home. yours is lovely and the space really seems to reflect your vision. the photos are just beyond. the simplicity of “any given rainy saturday” at HOME is beautiful. congrats.

    • Thank you! Greer did an amazing job of capturing us – it was the easiest shoot ever.

  2. Beautiful family, home & photos! hugs!

  3. I love the new home, congrats on it and for settling in and making it your own. My husband and I purchased our first home this past spring. I really thought after renting the same home for 5 years I would be more sad moving out but it’s like I knew it was a shell I had to escape and find a new adventure, and owners adventure made the move much easier. We’re still settling in, many months later but I am so happy.

    PS I am in love with your dining table. We eat in our living room at the coffee table every night – it just feels right, I love that you are eye level with Fox and I bet he loves it too!

    • I had this dining room table made when I was still pregnant in an effort to make our home kid-friendly but not kiddy. Ha.

  4. shelly

    congratulations on your new home. sometimes even though something doesn’t make sense on paper, you still just have to do it because something bigger is drawing you to it. have fun making your new house home.

  5. What lovely snapshots of your family. I love the peeks at your new home. Will you share more?

    I am 32 weeks pregnant and can relate to the ill-timed move. I love my tiny home, but found another just a few blocks away that I could immediately picture my little family living in.

    • Thank you! My focus on sharing has shifted – so I probably won’t be sharing much more of our home.

      Best of luck to you in these final weeks before you greet your little one!

  6. Hi Kathleen. Absolutely beautiful pictures, they capture such real feelings. The one with your husband looking at you and your baby is so touching. I’ve been reading for a while now & I get so much out of your blog, thank you!

  7. This post was so lovely – the photos are beautifully casual. Also, YAY for new house! Moving is always bittersweet, so you’re sure to have a very happy time in your new place.

  8. Sometimes you just have to make a leap, even if you’re in a haze, and it looks like you guys made the right choice. Love that you got photos of your family on a normal morning!

  9. I’m new here, hi! Your pictures are so warm and delightful, I especially adore the photo of you kissing your baby’s feet on the couch. Your home looks lovely!

  10. Brianna

    The house looks so cute! And I love how it feels just like I pictured. I see the Ace Hotel canvas sign made it up somewhere too 😉

  11. I Love this!! I can’t wait to move into a home! We’re currently in an apartment with a wee-one. Ahhh Ce’la vie.

    Enjoy your new home with new traditions!

  12. Jemini

    Thank you, thank you for this post. I just watched your presentation on Circles and you are officially my new hero. Thank you for being so incredibly real and for letting me know I am not alone. It means more than I can say. So much love and beauty in your family – thank you for sharing, sincerely.

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