Fall Back

November 2, 2014



My shoulders are still sun-kissed from a summer that just kept hanging around a little past its welcome. But Fall is here. Leaves have started turning, a few falling. Fall is here because we had to put an extra blanket on the bed and the heat has started kicking in to warm the house, rather than cool it, to 68º degrees. The sun has started rising a little further to the south and seems to hang a little lower on the horizon which gives the air a golden quality. The fact that I’ve even noticed the position of the sun in the sky makes me feel decidedly adult – oh, and the little baby I’ve not only managed to keep alive but has started clinging to my legs as I put on my makeup in the morning. And with that, I finally get why daylight savings ending is more of a curse than a blessing when you have a baby, because it turns out babies don’t know how to read clocks so they wake up whenever it feels right. So for us that means this morning we were awoken by a squealing baby at 5:19AM rather than 6:19AM. Fall is here – and so we’ll bust out the sweaters, we’ll begin baking apples, and roasting winter squash. Let’s fall back.
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