I Know You Care

December 2, 2014


I had a good, long holiday weekend that involved lots of delicious food, buying and decorating a real tree, and kissing my babes under the mistletoe. And Beyoncé. On repeat. It started with the new video Beyoncé just came out with. I’m pretty sure she filmed it on her iPhone and edited it herself in iMovie. Watch it here if you haven’t already.

If you listen to enough Beyoncé you already know that Beyoncé knows that it’s pretty good to be Beyoncé. I know it’s dangerous to assume someone else has the perfect life, especially when the picture of their perfect life comes with a team of makeup artists, producers, art directors, choreographers, backup dancers, drivers, and personal chefs – but who doesn’t want to be Beyoncé? Sometimes I’m in the shower and shamed into shaving my legs because I bet Beyoncé would never go a whole month without shaving her legs. She’s also probably really diligent about moisturizing and flossing and all the other little details that add up to making a person perfect.

But then Beyoncé comes out with this candid selfie video and shatters the curated illusion. The first time I watched the video I didn’t even really notice how much fun Beyoncé was having because I was too busy analyzing the contents on her messy bathroom counter. Are those sliders next to her sink? Do you think she’s going to eat those? And wow, check out all that makeup! And look at that pile of laundry on her bedroom floor. What a mess! Maybe Beyoncé doesn’t shave her legs everyday after all!

But then after my fifth or sixth time of watching this video I concluded that Beyoncé is still perfection. Because even in her messy bathroom she’s still having a really great time. It’s obvious that Beyoncé loves being Beyoncé even without the big budget and perfect lighting. Beyoncé’s confidence – the fact that she can rock it amongst the clutter and use her foot as a phone… well, I think she’s redefined perfection.

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