Slowing Down


When I was around 6 months pregnant with Fox I was asked something along the lines of “What’s the biggest risk you need to take over the next year?” I looked down at my big belly. Slowing down.

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A few months ago I got a nail in my tire. I don’t have time for this shit! Fortunately, I have super fancy tires called “run flats” which means they keep running, even when they’re flat. After a week or so of running flat I managed to find 30 minutes at the end of my work day to take my car by the shop and have my tire fixed. Slow down, eh? That thirty minutes gave me time to think about how  it is that with a packed calendar (coupled with a deep-seated sense of urgency to LIVE! LIFE!) I don’t even have time for little emergencies, much less the dreamier images that come to mind when you say the words “slow down” like I don’t know … breathing, meditating, gardening, getting a massage, laying out in the sun, or taking a nap.

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Yesterday I found myself at the doctors office with a sick baby. And apparently I had left my phone at home. It gave me time to think about what slowing down really means. It takes just as much practice and discipline to slow down as it does to get shit done. And it’s not as glamorous as you might daydream – taking a deep breath is important but slowing down is literally making space in your calendar to live life. And I’m not talking about scheduling a massage, or a workout, or even a vacation.  I’m talking about scheduling NOTHING because sometimes living life looks like a sick baby with a weird rash on his tongue in a doctor’s office.

I have time for this. 

  1. Ruth

    This is my ongoing practice this year – slowly done. And being the ‘get shit done’ queen, it’s taking some practice.

    That said – a very enjoyable journey 🙂

  2. rebecca

    I hope the bebe is feeling better! I hear you about this whole slowing down thing. With an erratic schedule and constantly changing plans I feel like I crave more routine and rhythm to my life, and with that I’d be able to enjoy the quiet moments instead of feeling that pull to GET MORE DONE. Oy. Cheers to finding the time, and enjoying the time, whatever form it takes. 🙂

  3. pam

    Hang in there Warrior Mama. Even without a baby in tow, this is a constant struggle for me. I want so much to achieve my goals and that often looks like a booked calendar and very little free time to do anything on a whim. This is a good reminder for us all. Balance. As always, I love your candidness, so thanks for that.

  4. Amazing how you can actually find bits and pieces of time in between little things you’ve set aside to do every day. Thanks for sharing… reminds me of the story of the Cup of Coffee, the Golf Balls, the bag of sand and the pebbles…

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