This is Just A Test


I was listening to NPR (it makes me feel like a responsible grown-up) and driving to the gym when the emergency broadcast buzz interrupted the program. Before they could say “this is just a test” my mind (and heart, to be honest) went straight to Fox.

This is how motherhood has changed me. Before I would change the station when that annoying emergency buzz would assault my ears. Now, I stay tuned – even if it’s just a test.

  1. Ravyn

    Oh, love. I feel you. Last week, we were at Al’s orientation for her new school, and they were going over protocol for an earthquake (which is very eminent in the PNW).

    Mama brain might be to blame for forgetting things, but it’s mama heart that makes us so in-tune with our babes.

    Also, Fox in the snow! So cute!

  2. I know the feeling. The buzzing from “This is just a test” and the Amber alerts make my heart sink, even if just for a second.

  3. John Blase

    Kathleen, I left a comment on the podcast but wanted to double-up here. I’m an acquisitions editor, wondering if you and Emily would be open to a conversation about publishing a book? I get the impression either you or both of you are working on something like that…anyway, I’ve been listening to your podcasts all morning, very cool.
    ~ John

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