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After spending a decade in New York City, honing his craft as a sideshow performer, my brother decided to take his act to New Orleans. He moved south in January but spent a couple months performing at the Fringe Festival in Adelaide, Australia. When he returned home in March we used some extra mileage points to pay him and his girlfriend Frankie a visit.

I didn’t have high expectations for New Orleans. I suppose my impressions of the place were limited to the boozy and dramatic season of MTV’s Real World: New Orleans (probably the last season of the show I watched before moving out of my parents house to go to college). So imagine my surprise to discover and explore a city vibrant with colorful homes, good food, and good people.

We hadn’t flown with Fox since he was still nursing himself to sleep on flights – but he traveled like a champ. I introduced him to pay phones (he was obsessed) and we treated ourselves to free crackers and cheese in the United Club lounge. He managed to get in a good nap on our flights and when he wasn’t awake he was busy flirting with fellow passengers.

Once we got to New Orleans we met up with my brother and his girlfriend Frankie at their apartment – the very same apartment where the “Stella!” balcony scene happens in A Streetcar Named Desire. Together we ate our weight in biscuits and beignets, explored art and architecture in the French Quarter, and spent all our money on psychics in Jackson Square. We ate donuts on magazine street and climbed very old oak trees in City Park. We chased Fox in a park to the sound of musician playing a fiddle. A man may have been overdosing on a bench nearby.

I fell in love a little harder on this trip – with my family, my baby, and the adventure that always awaits us.

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  1. The pics of the boys are so funny + lovely. And I love your Mickey buns, as always. XO

  2. katie

    those last 2 photos are fantastic!

    there is something amazing about just getting away and being able to completely focus on family, i really enjoyed our most recent trip with our toddler, esp since i don’t normally get to spend that much time with him during the work week. although, i think that next time i’ll be purchasing him his own seat on the plane 🙂

  3. Love this, and love New Orleans.

    I have to ask, where are your sunglasses from? I need them!

    • Those are my brother’s sunglasses! Aren’t they great? I can’t remember the brand.

  4. Margie

    I love it!

  5. I’ve heard it both ways: is it New Or-leens (rhymes with Kathleens), or New Or-lens (like glasses lens)?

    • Jenny

      Having grown up there, I can authoritatively say it is the latter. New Or-lens. And never, ever Nawlins except when being intentionally over the top dramatic.

    • Emily

      It’s the second: “-lens.”

      I’m from New Orleans and the only people I’ve heard say “Orleens” are um…not from New Orleans.

  6. Ange

    I have always wanted to visit New Orleans. It was also a place my Dad wanted to visit – he finally got to visit for 3 days when he was working with a basketball team – but spent the whole time in a room signing a player! Funny to see the photos of your psychic visit after hearing that on the podcast. Also can’t believe your brother was at the Adelaide Fringe – that’s only an hour from us and if I’d known, I would have tried to get to his show!

  7. Maria

    LOVE these little peeks into your life — especially now that I feel like I know you since starting your podcast!

    How lucky you are that Fox is such a good traveller!

    Greetings from Greece xx

  8. Kelly

    I saw your brother at Adelaide Fringe! What a strange, small world this is. Come and see the Unearthly Garden of Delights one year, it’s such a vibrant, energising space – I love March in Adelaide.

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