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More or Less?

August 26, 2013

I like things. THINGS. Stuff. Material goods. I used to be quite the shopper. At some point, a few years ago, I became satisfied with the things I had and became more concerned for my soul. The economy was tanking anyway and it became trendy to simplify. Plus, Jeremy’s more frugal antics and hankering for delayed gratification started to rub off on me. I saw the point of spending our money on things that would give us a return later in life. Like real estate and travel. At the same time I started contemplating what really makes us happy – I started studying metaphysics and reading books on the philosophy of stoicism.

Today, 50% of the blogs I read consistently share really rad and often hand-crafted clothes, home goods, and artisan wares. The other 50% of the blogs I read consistently share great advice on how to find peace through simplicity, food, and making do with what you’ve got. Aesthetically I’m of the opinion that More is More. I’d rather look at The Selby over Dwell any day. Morally, I believe that Less is More – that I already have everything I need.

Still, right this second here’s a list of things I want:
A heart ring
• And some first knuckle rings too.
• I’d also like to decorate my arms in mismatched bangles, bracelets, and cuffs
• A tee-pee
• A fire pit
• Cozy floor pillows
• Handmade coffee mugs, plates and bowls
Air plants and succulents
• Art and more art
• A jackalope (thanks Dad!)
• A lululemon hoodie
• A new camera lens (5oMM 1.2)
• Nail polish
• A Subaru
• All The Cute Things for bebe

None of these things in themselves are evil – but is my want for things a warning sign? Am I trying to plug up some sort of insecurity with stuff? At what point does decoration become soul-deteriorating? How many pairs of Lululemon pants do I need anyway? Do I need a better philosophy of life? Maybe I should go meditate.

I’d love to hear from you about your relationship with stuff. Leave me your thoughts in the comments.

Tulum Skulls

August 7, 2013



I’ve got a packed day ahead of me but I wanted to pop in to show you this little family of skulls I picked up while in Tulum last April. I didn’t know I was pregnant at the time but I think the fact that I bought three was perhaps a premonition.

Have a happy Wednesday, y’all!

The Nest

June 14, 2013



A few months ago I was invited by a blog reader and Apartment Therapy contributor to feature my home on the popular blog featuring cool spaces. At first, I was thrilled. Then I became paralyzed. I kept dropping the ball and missing self-imposed deadlines to submit my space. The idea of cleaning, styling, and photographing my home felt like a daunting task. But more than anything – after being in this space for almost 5 years I wasn’t sure I could capture how cozy we’ve made it. Things like burning incense, the smell of spices, the sound of music and boiling tea kettles don’t quite translate in photos – and I feel like those are the things that make our home feel more like a nest.

Plus, after 5 years of feeling pretty content / unfazed by my usual surroundings I’m ready to make some pretty significant changes. First off, Tara and I just signed a lease on a historical apartment near downtown – we’ll be moving Braid out of my home and into its very own dedicated space this summer (more on that later). I want to replace my mid-century modern dining room table with something low to the ground that is made of chunky reclaimed wood – with layered rugs and pillows to lounge on while we eat dinner with friends. We’re finally investing in my dream mattress + a solid platform bed and we’ll be moving back into our master bedroom where the Braid office has been for the last two years. I’ve been collecting textiles and trinkets from places far and wide to layer into our nest. At the same time I have an urge to edit and organize (falling into the couch always seems to take priority over sorting, tossing, and donating). I’m really looking forward to bringing a little more intention and attention back to the place I call home. Most of all, I want our space to accommodate the lives we actually live and reflect who we really are – even if it’s not 100% pinnable.

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