Who do you think you are?

When I was a kid I wore hand-me-down 1970s shorty running shorts and a wild head of hair. And nothing else. As the youngest sibling of three I spent my afternoons drawing butts and digging holes to China. Through school I desperately wanted to be good at sports but instead excelled at biology, art, and playing the French horn. I was voted “most non-conformist” every single year, and my biggest fear was being like everybody else. I went to college for a fine arts degree and graduated with a passion for graphic design. I had a starter marriage that predictably ended in divorce. I married my soulmate, Jeremy, and started blogging to document our life adventures. I worked my way up as a senior art director in advertising until I decided that I’d rather work for myself. I quit my job, trekked through Nepal and found my calling helping other creatives live what they love. I started Braid Creative with my sister where we help creative entrepreneurs vision, plan and brand their dream job.

These days I’m obsessed with the work / life overlap – I believe us creatives can best find success, happiness, and a nice paycheck by blending who we are with what we do.

What do you do?

I write, design, create content, and oversee creative direction at Braid Creative, the branding agency and consultancy I co-founded with my sister in 2011.

I also co-host the Being Boss podcast and do group coaching and mentoring for our Being Boss Clubhouse members. I’m currently co-writing my first book with my Being Boss co-founder, Emily Thompson.

I’m currently available for speaking, interviews, and Q&A posts! Email me: kathleen@braidcreative.com

Can I hire you for 1:1 coaching?

I take on a very limited number of one-on-one coaching clients each year. I am Martha Beck Life Coaching certified and focus my coaching program on helping creatives get specific about what they want, identify negative thoughts that block progress, and develop an action plan for achieving big goals step-by-step.

The best way to receive coaching directly from me these days is by joining the Being Boss Clubhouse, which is a fraction of the cost to work with me one-on-one.

Can you design my wedding invitation?

I started my solopreneur career in 2010 designing wedding invitations. But unless you’re Beyoncé, I no longer offer custom wedding invitation design, and I will not sell you an existing invitation design. Sorry! (Holler at me, Beyoncé!)

Can I advertise on your website?

If you’re legit and have a budget, I’m open to native advertising collaborations and partnerships. Email me: kathleen@braidcreative.com

How can I hire you for branding / coaching / speaking?

Email me: kathleen@braidcreative.com

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