Mad Max




When I was a kid there were a handful of movies we watched on repeat in my family. Those were: Labyrinth, (Little Orphan) Annie, The Princess Bride, India Jones and the Temple of Doom, and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. In fact, just like in Mad Max, when we’d “break a deal” in our household we had to face the wheel – but unlike the movie our wheel was made out of a paper plate and the while the punishments ranged from creative challenges to mundane chores, we were never sent out into the post-apocalyptic desert with no water. As a kid this movie unlocked my imagination, and inspired me to be the kind of kid that could live in the desert and create my own religion based on story and faith. And without a doubt the post-apocalyptic aesthetic in Mad Max has shaped my own sense of fashion – as a kid and even now as a grown-up. Basically, if my outfit wouldn’t make sense in the post-apocalypse I’m not wearing it.

So, Fury Road captured my imagination and re-inspired me all over again. But now as a grown up I’m connecting with Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron, and all her feminist badassery. You could write an entire essay on the deeper meaning of this movie and analyze all the points (and many intellectual movie buffs have). You could speculate on the characters, how they’re related to those in the Mad Max movies that precede Fury Road, and anticipate what’s next (and many fanboys have). But me? I’m just ready to overhaul my wardrobe, work out a little harder, drive a little faster, and be grateful I have water on tap.

New Orleans



















After spending a decade in New York City, honing his craft as a sideshow performer, my brother decided to take his act to New Orleans. He moved south in January but spent a couple months performing at the Fringe Festival in Adelaide, Australia. When he returned home in March we used some extra mileage points to pay him and his girlfriend Frankie a visit.

I didn’t have high expectations for New Orleans. I suppose my impressions of the place were limited to the boozy and dramatic season of MTV’s Real World: New Orleans (probably the last season of the show I watched before moving out of my parents house to go to college). So imagine my surprise to discover and explore a city vibrant with colorful homes, good food, and good people.

We hadn’t flown with Fox since he was still nursing himself to sleep on flights – but he traveled like a champ. I introduced him to pay phones (he was obsessed) and we treated ourselves to free crackers and cheese in the United Club lounge. He managed to get in a good nap on our flights and when he wasn’t awake he was busy flirting with fellow passengers.

Once we got to New Orleans we met up with my brother and his girlfriend Frankie at their apartment – the very same apartment where the “Stella!” balcony scene happens in A Streetcar Named Desire. Together we ate our weight in biscuits and beignets, explored art and architecture in the French Quarter, and spent all our money on psychics in Jackson Square. We ate donuts on magazine street and climbed very old oak trees in City Park. We chased Fox in a park to the sound of musician playing a fiddle. A man may have been overdosing on a bench nearby.

I fell in love a little harder on this trip – with my family, my baby, and the adventure that always awaits us.

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